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change of address
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this will no longer be in use.

change to

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i'm now an oot (out of training) in my company, and it's kinda inhuman.
an oot can get blister due to walking around the school to do shit work and of course i get other shit work like armskote, store and many more.
gonna post out soon i guess... eeerm... i hope.
and pray that it's near my home, imagine going to tekong everyday, jus the travel fee will make me poor.

yesterday i'm suppose to meet up with jean and gang to watch firework and i bring tab along, since she wanted to watch it, furthermore the rest have been asking me to bring her out. she said she has frens going as well, and there're other frens who say they're going too. and in the end, everyone is not going except 2 of us. lol...

we went shopping in bugis, she simply loves it.
when we were eating cakes from beard papa, i've a sudden thought that i'll meet some frens. and i saw akira, mog, kelvin walking past jus minutes later. LOL... they wanna have dinner as well, but akira wanna go kino before that. as we go up, i saw THE SHOP! the graniph! it's a brand from japan that sells design tee. there is a small shop in fareast (hiding at the back) that imports it. and now there's an official store open in singapore.

the shop in fareast sell one tee at $50, and now it's selling at $35 each in bugis. but i think i'll be able to see it around often, not use unique as it was i guess. most of my collection are white (only 1 is not white. lol)

official site: www.graniph.com

we went to cafe cartel for dinner, tab has been asking for it for long long long time. (she jus wants the free flow bread -_-) we were talking how 'imbalance' is the meat lover, and mog and akira took up the challenge. but it didn't seems to be as big as it was when i had it last time. oh well..

3 of them went back home to wow, while tab and i went for firework. the firework is so-so..

probably pes down
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just done with field camp, sort of...
i have back injury just before the field camp, so i went there physically but i can't participate in most training due to y back injury. which means probably re-field camp. fuck up...

the injury is quite bad. i can't walk probably, lean onto my left side. the pain comes when i walk, run, get up and stuff.. but i can stretch. i went to the medical officer in tekong, but they don't really care. i go in for 1 min, then i get out with some pain killer.

i get kinda piss, so i go to some private clinic once i book out. arrange for a scan next morning in gleneagle. they told me i may have injured my bone or nerve, and now they say probably some muscle bla bla bla. so the doc wrote me a letter to bring back to the mo. from what i read, i will get to pes down for 6 months... yes, 6 months... i don't know what happen after that. amen... hope permanent pes down. don't want to serve singapore!!

what a shock
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this happened 2 weeks ago.
i was talking crap with my bunk mates at night, then one guy starts to tell ghost story, but i forget who.

"do you know that just few weeks ago, some ghost story happen in other companies? one of them is that this guy's buddy was on ATT C (sick and went home to rest, not in tekong). in the middle of the night, his 'buddy' woke him up and said need company to go toilet at night. he's kinda semi asleep, so he followed. after awhile in the toilet, he recalled his buddy was on ATT C. so he was very scared. he said to his 'buddy' in the cubical, 'hey... i'm very tired, i go back and asleep first.' his 'buddy' replied, 'are you really tired? or you just realise who am i?' he immediately ran down to the office and ask for help."

all of us went O_O!!

i woke up at 1.30am that night, and wanted to go toilet. my bladder hold can't till 5am. so i went next bed and tapped my buddy to go with me. as we are suppose to do so. he seems quite reluctant to wake up, i don't know if he's sleepy or he thinks i'm someone else. lol... as i tapped him more, he turn his face to the pillow. so i said, "i'm max la... na bei, wanna go toilet!" he turned side way and opened his eyes slightly to check my identity. lol... after that we walked to the toilet. on the way, i was thinking of the story. all of a sudden, someone tapped both our shoulders from the back. my buddy get stunned, and i jumped and turned around!

it was actually nicholas... LOL! knnccb, scare the hell out of me.
nicholas had something cotton stuck in ear and went out to hospital, he came back at 1am. so i think he saw us and followed. he missed the story that night, so we told him. and he jus laugh out. x_x

at the same time,

some photos
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picture with harold and wan during graduation.
i feel so fuck up that i've the least hair among the 3.

this picture is so funny, it looks like 2 business men meet and have a hand shake.
james book out together with me, but he's too lazy to for the whole thing. haha.

picture with the 2 sinners.

i get tied up in the taxi by you know who. -_-!!

trying to snatch the candy floss from the candy floss monster.
defend of the candy floss!!

this tells you never steal candy floss...

another book out
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i booked out on thurs night, for the graduation on friday morning.
kinda sad to take your cert and photo and stuff with my ns hair. T_T
alot didn't turn up for it, i took some photos with my poly friends. probably the last time i see many of them, gonna miss you. (most of you)

went out for dinner with tab and her friends in nyny in citylink. she is a candyfloss monster!! nyny has a candyfloss machine and she just helps herself, and i really mean help herself. she used to buy alot from pasam malam. really eats too much of such nonsense. play some pool and met up with my ns friends for movie in cineleisure with tab. 'my wife is a gangster 3' is funny, thanks to the translator. i wanna watch harry potter and goal2 next book out. we took night rider home, and she get a some shit from her mum for going home so late.

i'm suppose to report to discovery centre on sat morning, for i dunno wat reason. but it was eventually cancelled. the sergent called me up to inform me, but i thought it is some cb kia prank call. then another sergent call again. i check up with some other people as well, before i spread the info to my section mates. all dun believe me, lol... expected. i've 1 more free day!!

a free day means i can join my poly tep friends for bbq in east coast, i always have lots of fun with them. some are studying, most are working. not too bad, except for the guys... fuck up life. they ask alot abt my ns life, and i think i'm very vulgur. lol! they throw sand at me when i say any of those. haha... and the same thing again, the girls will meet up to gossip. lol... since my book out time is limited, i grab some of them to accompany me to stay out. we end up in amk playing pool. lol... reach home earlier than i thought though, around 3am.

today is just sleep... gonna put up photos when i get them.
gonna book in soon. hai..

good bye thierry henry
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Thierry Henry has finally decided to leave Arsenal to Barcelona after long interest from nou camp.
i feel the heartache, but you've done alot for the club and you should move on with so much uncertainty in the club. he had suffered injuries through out the season after finishing as runner up for both world cup and champions league a season before.

in interviews, his reasons to leave is because Dein was sacked from the board and Arsene Wenger will most likely yo see his contract out which means just one more season.

During his time at Arsenal, Thierry became the Club’s all-time leading goalscorer with 226 goals from his 370 appearances. He was also an integral part of the 2003/04 ‘unbeaten’ League season, won the Premiership twice, the FA Cup twice, the Premiership ‘Golden Boot’ four times, was voted the PFA Player of the Year twice and won the FWA Player of the Year on three occasions.

these are my favourite goals:

1: 2000/01 premier league vs manchester united
with a defender on his back (i think is gary neville), he receive the ball by chipping it up, then turn and shoot. the ball lobbed from outside penalty box into the goal. no one can do anything about it. just 2 brilliant touch. arsenal won 1-0.

2: 2003/04 premier league vs liverpool
who can forget this goal from the unbeaten season of the gunners. henry dribble all the way pass every single one of the liverpool defence, and finishes the ball calmly. even pires was expecting a pass.

3: 2004/05 premier league vs charlton
henry was marked with defenders pulling him down in the penalty area. and just when all thought he has no way to go or no way to pass, he scored with a back heel. genius.

4: 2005/06 champions league vs real madrid
no one expects arsenal to go to the final of CL that season, by knocking out real madrid, juventus. but lost 2-1 to barca in final. he is alone in the middle of the field with just white shirt around him, he pushed forward. with even ronaldo from real is defending him, he dribbled all the way and scored. one man show...

you are the best striker in the world.

the moment you kissed the ground of highbury on the very last day has made you the legend of highbury. good luck in barcelona.

first book out
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finally booked out few days ago on thursday, after the first 2 weeks of ns.
gonna book in later, zzz...
many wanna go out with me when i book out, but i've fever after i book out. -_- god don't want me to be listed in the chao keng list. lol. i promise i will look for all of you when i've time again.

i've not been exercising for 4 years, the physical training is not easy for me.
but kinda experience such 'military training' in secondary for 4 years, so mentally prepared.
my shoulder injury is back, i can hardly rise up my arm straight.

i'm posted to
pegasus company
platoon 1
section 1
bed 1
my number is damn nice. lol. P1101.

joseph and james are posted to the same company but different platoon. and james can't recognise me even when i'm talking to him face to face. -__- i guess my look change alot after my hair get shaved.

i see many familiar faces everywhere, people that i know from primary, secondary, poly, outside friends and some i don't even know who the fuck are they, yet they know me. i'm getting more vulgur, every single line will have at least one !@#$%. amen...

my platoon is an international platoon, people get sold to singapore from many different countries just like me. those who sell their son to singapore should die a horrible death. bu de hao si!! everyone talks with different accent, kinda funny. when the sergent or whoever shit talks hokkien, all give a innocent look. e.g. "those who are bai ka bai ciu fall out" which means those who injured their legs or arms fall out. and of course no one understands, so no one fall out and things get funny after that. but all of them know some local words, like cb, knn... lol. "hey... cb pass me the shampoo" imagine everyone says it in different accent in the toilet screaming to one another with their funny pronunciation of cb and knn. lmao.

my platoon has the most number of people chao keng (fake sick and report to medic). lol. whole platoon of 49 people, it is left with 30. lol. simply fuck up, and others are damn slack. well, the 2 weeks of 'protection period' is over, everyone can't wait to punish my platoon. amen, god bless me. my section is the best, lol... no one chao keng, quite hardworking. we even train after the training they give us.

short intro of my section mates, we get along quite well.

meng chiang:
we call him mc, the most serious guy among us. former ncc guy, so he knows the stuff pretty well. not bad to have such buddy. named as the platoon ic, which is great. rather than those act harworking guys and some others who will just make the situation worse.

from myanmar. the laundry guy, who wash clothes whenever he has time, simply over hygienic. bathe during every short break, which sometimes piss us off as he is gonna get us late. he just can't stop polishing his boots. -__-

he is my idol. lol. he is with his gf who is a chinese and he's a malay for 7 years. he is a year younger than me. everyone is shock when he tells us. he was quite quiet in the beginning, but just can't bloody stop singing after a few days. always joke that he has heat stroke, because he's so high everyday and sing and sing and sing. btw... his ass is huge. lol. simply good figure for a girl. LOL!

there're 2 nonsense guys in my section, and he's one of them. talk lots of crap and stuff, lots of jokes. he lost his voice after talking too much crap and shouting too much. hmmm... he is very kb. lol. and i love it, because life is boring in there.

his name will make me forget that he's an indian. he sleeps with eyes open which is quite scary. i was talking to him for a while and didn't realise he's sleeping. lol. nothing much to talk about him, simply the most normal guy in there.

quiet and hardworking person, always partner me in training. his sleeping position is funny, lie diagonally on the bed with feet almost touch the ground, with arms wide open.

fittest guy among us, also quite normal. nothing much to talk about.

victor and albert:
his name is not victor and albert, but they're just twins. the only way to differentiate them is by the scar on the forehead which albert has. albert is a smoker and victor is not, but albert is always slightly better off physically. smoking makes you fitter? lol. sometimes when we do some training, the instructor thought the same guy do it again, which is quite funny.

an indian with singapore identity who migrate to i forget where, kinda complicated. another nonsense guy, 194cm though. he always give me problem when i count strength as he always block the last guy. he's so vulgur, "omfg, i can't believe that fucker fucking makes us do this fucking shit and bla bla bla, with lots of those words. lol. he's a super good runner with great stamina. he sleeps between the twins, and his quote "i get more confused every fucking morning when i wake up and i don't know which side of the bed to get off." lol.

the holy guy! he's a christian, no vulgur, no curse from him. reads bible during break, and copy down as he reads. lol.the most funny thing is, when all of us are talking about masturbating and stuff, he simply has no knowledge of it. lol... then alahbya and darius try to 'educate' him everyday and sometimes make fun of him. they 'show' him how to wank and stuff, always make me laugh. a guy bring FHM and maxim, which is already in bad condition. with many guys crowding over 1 book with many hands touching and tearing it, plus saliva dripping it. lol. ns people are desperate people. we will grab the book turn to some sexy page and put in front of him. i think he's gonna be a fallen angel soon. lmao...

what colour are you?
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taken from

this is a personality test that is based on the famous trading card game, magic: the gathering.
the game has 5 colours, and each has different style of play.
by doing this test, it will help you to choose the colour that suits you in the game.

before i try it, i thought i will be white/blue, the style of playing.
anyway, i just did it.
first try, it's white. so i thought it is quite accurate.
but i realise i din read the question correctly and didn't understand some of the answers. lol.
i do it again, i'm blue. LOL.
so after all, i'm really blue/white?
however, i ask around. all say i'm blue/black! lol...

here are the 5 colours.

You value power, ambition, and darkness. You love power at any cost, and are a corrupting influence on those around you. At your best, you are resourceful and unashamed. At your worst, you are parasitic and amoral. Your symbol is a skull. Your enemies are white and green.

You value law, order, community and light. You love to protect the social order and the rule of law. At your best, you are just and protective. At your worst, you are authoritarian and dogmatic. Your symbol is a sunburst. Your enemies are black and red.

You value freedom, impulse, emotion and fire. You love instant gratification and acting on your gut feeling. At your best, you are passionate and decisive. At your worst, you are shortsighted and destructive. Your symbol is a fireball. Your enemies are white and blue.

You value knowledge, logic, and deceit. You love to pursue wisdom but also to manipulate and deceive. At your best, you are brilliant and progressive. At your worst, you are treacherous and cold. Your symbol is a water droplet. Your enemies are green and red.

You value growth, life, adaptation and nature. You love to hunt, mate, kill, and eat—to you, that’s all there is. At your best, you are instinctual and unpretentious. At your worst, you are vicious and unthinking. Your symbol is a tree. Your enemies are blue and black.

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